We will gladly accepts UNWORN, or defective merchandise purchased on www.heartstuff.co.za for return or exchange. Heart Stuff merchandise purchased at independent stores or pop ups must be returned to the location where it was purchased from, without exception. Please contact them directly for their returns policy. If you paid with a gift card on www.heartstuff.co.za then the credit will be issued back into that card. There are no refunds on gift cards. 

Please read entire Policy before filling out form on RETURNS link and follow instructions provided.

To be eligible for a return, all items must be in original, unused, unworn condition with the swing tag still attached, no defects, no stains, no pet hair, no smells (cigarette smoke, perfumes, etc...), or any signs that the item has been worn or used, or altered in any way.

We will not accept the return if the swingtag has been removed. 

*Courier fees are not refundable

No returns on SALE items will be accepted, nor if you do not have an order number.

1.            Our goods

We supply physical goods.

2.            Read instructions

Please carefully read and follow all instructions that come with our goods. For example, any documents that help you use our goods. Please also read our website at https://www.heartstuff.co.za for tips on using our goods.

3.            Un-returnable goods

We supply certain goods that you cannot return to us because they are of an intimate nature that prevents anyone else from using them. This policy does not apply to those goods.

4.            Custom or special-order goods

If you ask us to provide you with custom or special-order goods, we may charge you any deposit or the full amount for the goods. You may not cancel an order for custom or special-order goods prior to delivery, unless we allow this in our discretion. In this case, you will forfeit any deposit or amount already paid for the goods, and we may charge you an additional cancellation fee. The cancellation fee plus the amount forfeited will not be more than the full amount for the goods.

5.            Cooling-off period

Section 44 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act may apply to your electronic transactions. If you qualify as a consumer under the ECT Act, you may be entitled to cancel some electronic transactions within ten (10) days, without reason or penalty. Section 44 is only applicable if you are a natural person – in other words, a human being. You must also be the end user of the goods or service. The transaction must be an electronic transaction – a transaction concluded via (in whole or in part) the website, email, or SMS.

This cooling off period does not apply to goods made or altered to your specifications, or goods specially ordered for you.

5.1.         Return of goods in terms of cooling-off period

You must return goods in new condition with all original packaging and materials (including accessories or parts). We will refund the purchase price of the goods (minus the direct costs that we incur relating to the return of the goods) within 30 days of the date of cancellation.

6.            Our goods warranty

We warrant that all our goods are new and of good quality unless we clearly describe them as used or reconditioned or as having specific defects.

7.            Statutory warranty against defects

We warrant all our new goods against any defects for three (3) months of normal household or business use, from the time we supplied the goods. 

7.1.         Defective goods

Defective goods are those that had a defect or were unsafe when we supplied them. A defect usually means that the goods were manufactured using materials, components or workmanship below an acceptable standard. You must prove that goods are defective.

7.2.         Statutory compensation

We will repair, replace, or refund the price of any defective goods that you return to us during the three (3) month statutory warranty. Returns must follow our returns procedure below.

7.3.         Choice of compensation

Any customer that is also a consumer under the CPA may decide whether we should either repair or replace the defective goods, or make a refund. We will decide how to compensate any of our other customers.

8.            Statutory warranty on repairs

We warrant all our repairs and repaired goods against the failure of a repair and any further defect for the remaining portion of the statutory warranty plus a further three months from the time we returned the repaired goods.

8.1.         Compensation under repair warranty

If you are also a consumer under the CPA, then we may choose to replace or refund the price of any repaired goods that you return to us during the three (3) month repair warranty period.

9.            Inspection of defective goods

9.1.         Suitably qualified examiner

A customer that believes goods are defective should ask a suitably qualified person to examine the goods and produce a report for us to consider. A suitably qualified examiner is a reputable and independent person trained and qualified to repair goods similar to ours.

9.2.         Inspection fee

You may also ask us to inspect any goods believed to be defective. We may charge an inspection fee equivalent to 20% of the price paid for the item. We will fully refund this inspection fee if the goods were defective when we supplied them.

9.3.         Our examination duties

We train our staff to recognise any defects in our goods. They can usually tell if the goods have been misused, for example if they have been neglected, damaged, altered or not used according to instructions. Our staff will give reasons if they refuse to accept that we supplied defective goods, but will only do this if they honestly believe the goods have been misused.

9.4.         Limited refund of inspection fee

We do not have to refund any inspection fee paid if our staff do not accept that we supplied defective goods.

10.         Statutory right to return unsuitable goods

Our customer that is also a consumer under the CPA may return goods within ten days of delivery if they could not examine them before delivery and then discover that the goods are not what they ordered or expected, or are not suitable for a specific purpose that they communicated to us in writing.

10.1.       Returns of unsuitable goods

A consumer must return unsuitable goods within ten days of delivery according to our returns and refunds procedure below.

10.2.       Refund of price of unsuitable goods

We will refund the full price of any unsuitable goods in their original unopened packaging. For opened goods, we may deduct or charge a reasonable amount for any use of the goods plus certain costs necessary for repackaging and restocking, subject to the CPA. These costs are usually up to 25% of the cost of the goods.

11.         Postage costs

We will refund the reasonable postal and insurance costs of returning defective goods. We may inspect the goods to confirm that they are defective before we do so.

12.         Procedure for returns to other suppliers

Customers of other suppliers (such as major retail chains) must return defective or unsuitable goods directly to that supplier. Customers must use the correct returns procedure. Please contact the customer services department of the relevant supplier for details of their returns procedures.

13.         Invalidation of warranties and right to return unsuitable goods

Warranties on any of our goods will be invalid if any person who is not suitably qualified has opened, tampered with or altered the goods contrary to the instructions or removed the warranty label. This also applies to goods found to be unsuitable. It may be fraud to damage goods deliberately to claim a refund.

14.         Exclusion of industrial use

We only warrant goods for any industrial or unusual commercial use if we clearly state this in writing, for example on the packaging.

15.         Our returns and refunds procedure

You must use our returns and refunds procedure for returning defective or unsuitable goods, or else we may refuse to accept them. Our returns procedure is as follows:

  • Log a Request to return your item directly on our website under "Log A Return" 
  • Fill in the form with your order number and contact details, date and place of purchase, and all details of the physical goods that you want to return, including how and why you believe the goods are defective or unsuitable for your purpose.
  • Customer services will contact you with confirmation of your request within 48 hours of receipt- Applicable Monday to Friday
  • Our customer services department may tell you that they do not believe you have a claim, for example because the warranty period of the goods has expired. In this case we may refuse to repair or replace goods, or refuse to pay a refund
  • Any return of physical goods must include proof of purchase plus all accessories and instructions, and all original packaging that is still available. If no packaging is available, please make sure the goods are in protective packaging as we are not responsible for any damage in transit.
  • Heart Stuff will arrange a courier to collect your package. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A R150 CHARGE FOR ALL RETURNS for local deliveries and R200 for outerlying areas TO COVER THE ADMIN FEES, COURIER SERVICES AND BANK CHARGES. The cost of which will be deducted from your credit due. We do not refund courier fees to or from you, these will be at your expense.
  • Once we have received the package, we will notify you that we have received the physical goods.
  • We will also notify you in the same email if we have not received the return or refund claim form associated with your claim. If we have not received it, we will send you a blank return form attached to the email. Please complete it and return it to us in terms of our returns and refunds procedure above. We will not be able to continue processing your claim until we have received this document.
  • If you claim that our goods are defective, our staff will examine the goods for defects. In the case of physical goods, our staff will examine the actual goods. They will report to us whether the goods were defective, were misused, or are of good quality.
  • If you claim that our goods are unsuitable for your purposes, we will first investigate whether you communicated the purpose to us. If you did, we will then provide you with a written report indicating whether we believe the goods were unsuitable for your specific purpose or not.
  • If the goods were returned outside the ten (10) day cooling-off period, or our staff report that the goods were misused, were of good quality, were not provided to you for a specific purpose or were suitable for that purpose, then we will not repair, replace, or refund the goods.
  • If you returned the goods within the ten (10) day cooling-off period and our staff report that the goods were defective, were provided to you for your specific purpose and were unsuitable for that purpose, then we will either contact you and ask you whether you would like us to repair, replace, or refund the price of the goods (if you are also a consumer under the CPA) or advise you how we have decided to compensate you (if you are not a consumer under the CPA).
  • If you choose for us to repair or replace the goods or we decide to do so ourselves, we will contact you as soon as reasonably possible to organise the necessary steps to repair or replace the goods.
  • If you choose for us to make a refund or we decide to do so ourselves, we will contact you and arrange payment of the refunded amount into a bank account of your choice within 30 days of cancellation.

    16.         Dispute resolution

    If we do not accept that we supplied defective or unsuitable goods, and our customer services department has not been able to help, any customer may still take the matter up with a suitable ombud or other dispute resolution body, or take legal action. The dispute resolution procedures under the CPA do not necessarily apply to all transactions with us. This policy does not exclude any other rights customers may have.

    17.         Wash Care

    We recommend all items be HANDWASHED with a mild detergent in cold water.

    It is important to note that cotton is a natural fibre and washing may result in a 1-2 cm shrinkage.

    18.         Our customer services department contact details

    Our customers can contact our service department as follows:

    • Office hours: 10:00 – 14:00, Weekdays
    • Email address:  hello@heartstuff.co.za 
    • Street / Postal address: Heart Stuff CC, 36 Kenneth Kaunda Road, Durban North, Durban 4051

      19.         Customer queries and complaints

      We aim for complete customer satisfaction. We respect our customers’ rights and always try to comply with best practice and all relevant laws. If you are not satisfied with any of our goods, or have any questions, please contact our customer services department and have your invoice ready. We will try our best to solve your problem. We are proud of the reputation of our goods.